General Info.
Dancer(s)Aikawa Kozue (light blue), Marice (hot pink), Appi (royal blue), Joy7 (green), Kirin (pink), Kurumi (red), Kanyu (chocolate), Megu Megu (mint), Kon Kon (purple), & Ruuko (orange).
Song Name『One・Two・Three』
ComposerMorning Musume
  • Kon Kon (Purple) is from the dance group: ぷぷっぴ


  • This video was favorited by Morning Musume's official channel.
  • Marice (hot pink), Appi (royal blue), and Joy7 (green) are friends of Kozue's from middle school
  • Kirin (pink), Kurumi (red), Kanyu (chocolate), and Megu Megu (mint) are friends from when Kozue was in high school.
  • Kozue practiced for a musical and often go to see plays with Kon Kon (purple).
  • Kozue met Ruuko (orange) through Nico Nico Douga and goes out to eat with her a lot, so Kozue invited her.

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